Center for Open-Source Research Software Stewardship and Advancement (CORSA)


CORSA is a community of practice dedicated to software sustainability for scientific and research software projects. Our mission is to provide a neutral and independent platform where projects can collaborate effectively, fostering excellence and innovation within the scientific and research software communities.

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The Center for Open-Source Research Software Stewardship and Advancement (CORSA) serves as a community of practice that enables pathways for open-source scientific software projects to avail themselves of resources for long-term growth, stewardship, advancement, and innovation.


To promote sustainable practices in the research software community and support the development, maintenance, and long-term viability of research software.

Key Components

Benefits for Projects

Benefits for Funding Entities

Leadership Team

Greg Watson Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Addi Thakur Malviya Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Elaine M. Raybourn Sandia National Laboratories
Daniel S. Katz University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Bill Hoffman Kitware, Inc.
Dana Robinson The HDF Group

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